Anna Brand President of the ZEROWATERLOSS Foundation

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Anna Brand has been appointed as the new President of the ZEROWATER-LOSS Foundation in Bern, effective May 1, 2023.

The ZEROWATERLOSS Foundation is committed to promoting sustainable solutions for securing groundwater and drinking water supplies in Switzerland. "The preservation of Switzerland's water castle is of great concern to me," says Anna Brand.

In her executive role, Anna Brand will be responsible for all aspects of the foundation's work, including research collaboration and advocacy on behalf of large segments of the Swiss population in need of a secure water supply. She will support and implement innovative strategies with partners that help achieve the Foundation's goals. Above all, it aims to limit water losses, which are still common in today's drinking water supply, and to ensure access to an affordable drinking water supply.

The ZEROWATERLOSS Foundation was established by the Swiss industrialist family Brand. It supports research projects and events that help to counter the new global crisis with innovative water management.
The world is currently facing an unprecedented water crisis that is taking on a chronic character: Over two billion people lack access to clean drinking water. This crisis will become bigger than the current energy crisis that is overwhelming us with problems.

Anna Brand says: "Access to sufficient clean water is a human right. Today, drinking water in Switzerland and around the world is wasted because it's far too cheap for many uses, and in the future it will be barely affordable as survival water for many people." The foundation, which she leads as its new president, therefore calls on people to "understand the value of water in its entirety, because an acute water crisis can become a crisis for humanity."

Further information:
Anna Brand
President of the ZEROWATERLOSS Foundation.
Kramgasse 61
3011 Bern

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