Municipalities lose lots of drinking water – The differences are huge

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120 billion litres

In Switzerland over 120 billion litres of drinking water are lost every year. The water disappears between reservoir and tap. The average water loss is 13 percent. But the differences from municipality to municipality are huge.

Of the largest water suppliers in the Aargau-Solothurn region, Baden is among the top performers with a water loss of just under 5 percent. For the town councillor Philipp Ramseier it is obvious why this is so: "For 15 years now we have been investing over 1 million francs in the renovation of old cast iron pipelines. As a result, the Regionalwerke have a top infrastructure with few weak areas.

The old pipelines are often to blame

Baden also has measuring instruments in the pipelines, which constantly monitor the network. The water supply operator can monitor the conditions of the pipelines "live" and respond quickly.

Water pipes are never completely airtight. All municipalities therefore deplore the loss of drinking water. The village of Tägerig in the Canton of Aargau currently sticks out with a particularly high water loss. Last year the municipality with a population of 1,500 registered a water loss of 40 million litres, one third of the overall drinking water. The municipal council is faced with a mystery, it rules out a big leak.

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