Ein erneuter Bruch der Trinkwasserleitung überflutet das Gelände der Kirche des Guten Hirten in Lutxana

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A new burst in the drinking water pipes floods the area of the church of the Good Shepherd in Lutxana.

It is the second time in three days. A drinking water pipe has suffered this Tuesday 9 in the afternoon a burst in Barakaldo and, on this occasion, has flooded the surroundings of the Good Shepherd Church in Lutxana, in Andikollano street at the height of the intersection with Bituritxa. The local police has moved to the site, as it did on Saturday afternoon August 6 with another similar incident in La Inmaculada, in Cruces.

barakaldodigital.blogspot.com, published at 09.08.2022