A new leak in the pipeline causes another water shortage

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Aguas de Montilla plans to design more "alternative points" of supply

The repair work on a leak detected in the pipeline, which transports water from the La Bernardina reservoirs to the general network which supplies the population of Montilla, caused another water supply shortage between 12.30 p.m. and 9 p.m. yesterday.

The leak was detected last Friday in the vicinity of the El Grajo water source, next to the old road connecting Montilla with Cabra. This forced technicians working for the company which manages the integral water cycle in the town to start up the alternative network in the Llanos de Jarata industrial estate. This alternative network was put back into service after the damage that occurred at the end of July which caused a water shortage that lasted for more than four days.

The "scale" of this new rupture detected last Friday led sewage treatment plant, Aguas de Montilla, to postpone its repair to yesterday. Lorenzo Cuenda, Manager of Aguas de Montilla, stated that the new leak had been caused by "incorrect assembly of parts installed over 40 years ago and that had resulted in a leak in the joint over time." Cuenda explained to Spanish language newspaper, CÓRDOBA, that "the objective was to be able to carry out the work on a scheduled basis, without rushing and focussing on the safety of the workers."

After the cleaning and refurbishment of the work area, the work to contain the new leak in the main pipeline required water utility company, Emproacsa, to put the alternative network into service. This enabled Aguas de Montilla to evaluate the responsiveness of this infrastructure yesterday which, although it guaranteed supply for a large proportion of the population, was not "sufficient" to provide "total coverage".

"We foresaw this situation thanks to the detailed study of the local network that we have carried out in recent years and, therefore, now other alternative supply points will be designed in collaboration with Emproacsa, such as via the train track, which will allow us to supplement the Jarata point or even replace it if it offers better coverage", said the Manager of Aguas de Montilla.

At the time of going to press, the company's technicians were working on reverting the supply from the alternative access point to the general network, so it was expected that the normal water supply would be restored to all homes "throughout the night". A process that, on this occasion, took less time "because there is a charge of water in a large part of the town."

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