Europe is drying up: These 13 images show the effects of the drought

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Part of the riverbed of the Var has dried up


A reservoir in West Yorkshire which is drying up due to lack of rainfall.

The driest July on record is now followed by another heat wave.


The authorities in Belgium have taken measures to save water.

The provinces of Namur and Luxembourg are particularly affected by the drought.


The Ketscher Altrhein has almost dried up.

The water level of the Rhine (here in Düsseldorf) is also falling and falling.

The low water level has made this wreck of a ship from 1895 visible.


Rice fields are washed out by seawater.

This rice field is destroyed because of the drought and the heat.


The drought is also being felt in Ticino. Private water supply is restricted.


A dried up jetty of the Velenc lake.

The lake normally has an average depth of 160 centimeters. Because of the drought, the current value is 63 centimeters., published at 08.08.2022

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