In some areas the water is in short supply

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In the Canton of Thurgau the first water sources are running dry with the hot summer. The areas most affected are the municipalities on the western side of the Seerücken hill range - Mammern, Eschenz, Hüttwilen, Herdern and Homburg. "There is still enough drinking water. But the inhabitants are being asked to conserve water", says Ingrid von Känel, President of the Seerücken West Water Supply Association.

The problem is that the sources on the Seerücken hill range are heavily reliant on precipitation. They were not able to recover from the hot summer of 2018 due to the low precipitation in the winter. That's why they are now drying up.

The groundwater level in the Thur Valley is also decreasing; however, the situation is stable. There is still plenty of water to secure the drinking water supply, according to the Department of the Environment in the Canton of Thurgau. But if the hot spell continues for an extended period, a ban on water abstraction for running waters will need to be discussed.

Grison Alps hardly affected

During the hot summer of 2018 the Alps were severely affected. Here water had to be transported up to the Alps, sometimes also flown by helicopter.

"This year the situation is much different", says Töni Gujan from the Grison Agricultural Centre Plantahof. For one thing the thaw after the winter was massive. Secondly, it has rained repeatedly on the Alps in recent weeks. As a result, the dryness on the Alps has been kept within limits.

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