The source of a month-long leak in the green area of Benavente has been located and is being repaired

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The leak from an underground pipe in the Fuente Mineral area had flooded the entire area

Yesterday, municipal workers located the source of a water leak in the Fuente Mineral area of Benavente after a month of constant leaks. The water, which was seeping into the ground, had flooded the green area. The leak was finally traced to an underground pipe, but workers had to wait until the ground had dried sufficiently before they could use heavy-duty machinery to locate it. The water supply to municipal pools was cut off at the weekend and a channel was built to drain the water, which was flooding the ground, away towards the estuary surrounding this part of the old grasslands. The workers successfully excavated the site and located the source of the leak, which will be repaired immediately, making this part of the green area accessible once again., retrieved on 23.09.2020

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