Entry road to Oviedo flooded by main line rupture

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Local police were forced to divert traffic and water utility companies diverted the water supply to minimise water shortages

The rupture of Oviedo water network's main line has caused heavy flooding in the areas surrounding the town square, La Plaza de Castilla. The leak, which is now under control, affected part of the entry road to Oviedo from Mieres.

According to local sources, the line was ruptured "accidentally", surprising drivers and pedestrians after 5 p.m. The local police were forced to divert traffic from the square and block access to the street known locally as the Calle Padre Vinjoy. Staff at Aqualia, the Spanish water services company, had already diverted the water supply to avoid water shortages by restricting access to water at 6 p.m. The precaution was taken in case there was a lack of water supply to those homes in closest proximity to La Plaza de Castilla.

Aqualia hopes to return to normal service as soon as possible, once the rupture to the main line has been repaired. This main line measures three metres in diameter and connects the entry route to Oviedo with San Esteban de las Cruces.

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